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12 Things 2019

I’m a list maker. Always have been, probably always will be. Shoot, I have lists of my lists. My list of things I want to make is neverending and therefor overwhelming. When I read about Judy’s 12 Things 2019 I knew it was for me. 😉

For my 12 Things 2019 list I’m going to pick 12 things off my master want-to-make list that I want to make for my kids, hubby, myself or my home. Let’s get started.

1. Aberdeen Cable Purse by Noelle Stiles for myself (crochet)

I love the look of this crochet purse – everything from the cables to the handles. While I know what yarn I want to use with it, I’ve not yet purchased it. The extent of me “starting” this project so far is that the pattern has already been purchased.

2. Love Wall Hanging from Yarn Plaza for my youngest (crochet)

This is simply adorable and I want to make something very similar to hang in my little girl’s room. I’m not sure if I’d want to make it in two columns like they have it, or a single one.

3. 4 Square Poncho by Helen Shrimpton for myself (crochet)

Ever since I first seen this poncho I love it. It’s been on my to-do list now for almost 2 years now. Here’s to hoping I can find the time to actually make it for myself this year.

4. Tweedy Origami Cardi by Denise Voie de Vie for myself (crochet)

Love the look of this! What can I say, I’m a sucker for anything with wide kimono style or bell sleeves.

From the book Modern Holiday by Amanda Murphy:

5. Crossroads on page 25 for my youngest (quilt)

It uses 8.5″ squares of “feature fabric” and I think this is a great size to use up some of the cute, non-Christmas novelty fabrics I’ve been hoarding. Plus, the 2 fabric sashing strips and checkerboard cornerstones will bring a unitity to the feel of the quilt even if I make all 31 of the 8.5″ squares different.

6. Bloom quilt on page 63 to throw over the couch at Christmas time (quilt)

For Christmas I don’t do traditional colors so the color scheme for this as shown in the book is not how I’ll be making it. I’m thinking deep wine / burgundy reds with, brace yourselves, the background in blacks, grays, silver and white.

7. Trimming the Tree quilt on page 73 to hang up at Christmas time (quilt)

I really like the way all the ornaments are different quilt blocks cut to shape. Once again, the colors in this will follow the Bloom quilt as mentioned above.

8. Ornament Pillows on page 117 for our couch at Christmas time (quilted)

I like that the ornaments for the pillows are the same as the ones on the Trimming the Tree quilt and I plan on making them in the same colors as I do for the quilt.

From the book Celebrate Christmas with That Patchwork Place:

9. Tulle Tree Skirt on page 32 for my youngest for her Christmas tree next year. (quilted)

While most people are fine with letting their children help decorate the Christmas tree, it’s just too much for my OCD to take – ornaments clumped in one spot, empty places, all the glitter ornaments over here with all the reindeer ornaments over there. Yea… It’s too much for me. We -would- have had 2 trees this year, however our current house is too small and we’ve not yet found a home to buy. Here’s to hoping that we’ll be in our own home asap specially since I already told her she can have her own tree next year and she excitedly declared that it will be glittery and pink…

From the book Quilted Woodland Decor by Debbie Field:

10. Pinecone Snuggler Quilt on page 19 for the couch year round (quilt)
11. Pillows for the couch – 1 of Pine Spring on page 29 and 2 of Tall Timber on page 55 (quilted)
12. Cabin Welcome Wallhanging on page 59 for a wall in the living room. (quilt)

I’m linking up with Judy from Patchwork Times for her 12 Things in 2019.

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    1. Oh boy, I just went and read your list. Big boo-boo for me! Now my want-to-make list is even longer!!! LOLOL Thanks and good luck on your list as well. 🙂

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