Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Ghastlies Fidget Spinner

Well, I was able to get this sewn up on Friday! YAY! However, I totally forgot about it today with all the running around and grocery shopping we (the little & I) did until about 30 minutes before I’m writing this. Which was about 15 minutes before the sun went down…

When I went outside to ask hubby (who was grilling supper for us) to hold it, he asked me for some clothespins and clipped it to his dirty trailer that he hauls the 4-wheeler on for work… Oh well. At least I got some pics. Kinda. Maybe. Wondering how it’s going to make it thru the wash with the raw edge since I really don’t want to put a muddy unfinished top thru my sewing machine… He tries – bless his heart (I’m NOT a southerner but I’m starting to learn the lingo, kinda. LOL).

So, anyhow, I’ve been wanting to make up some quilts using large blocks and I’ve been playing around with exploded block patterns. This is what I came up with.

It’s a version of an oldie block – Wheel of Fortune – which looks like this:

(click on image to go to the National Quilt Museum)

This image is from the National Quilt Museum for their New Quilts from Old Favorites 2020 Contest. No, I’m not entering this quilt, but I was playing around the blocks because of the contest.
I am hoping to enter, but I’ve not solidified my pattern idea for it yet.

While I was plainning this quilt top I thought of the String Block along that’s currently going on and that’s when I thought about using some for this top.

Hopefully later on this month I will be taking better pics and uploading a tutorial for those who are interested.

The name Fidget Spinner came from my little girl. Once it was hung on the trailer gate, she looked at it and asked me if it was a picture of a fidget spinner. LOL And since the center block is a fussy cut scene of the Ghastlies… Need I say more?

I’ve been working on some other things, like block 1 for the Tuxedo Cats, Vintage Kitchenalia, and Gnome Grown BOMs (all from various places around the web) which I’ll share with you on Tuesday. Until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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