Sunday, December 08, 2019

Long Term Projects

For various reason, these are my long term quilting projects including BOMs / QALs. Here I hopefully WILL keep track of them.

1) Plus Quilt (as seen here)
Anytime I buy a fabric I like, I cut five 5″ squares from it and add them to my growing collection in a plastic storage bin. As of this writing I have 81 sets.

2) Postage Stamp Quilt (as seen here)
I’m not one for scrap vomit quilts, but I do like scrappy quilt and postage stamp quilts. I’ve been gathering 2.5″ squares for a while now. I really need to take some time to figure out my measurements so I can start sewing them together bit by bit. The quilt in the tutorial at the link above only measures 72″ square and I’m aiming for 120″ squared.

3) Toyko Jacket – Crochet (as seen here)
I’ve specified this as a long term project for 3 reasons – the body of the jacket is done in LINKED double crochet stitches which is taking me forever using a 5mm hook and holding the yarn (Woolike by Loops & Threads) double, not to mention I wear a 2x in tops. So, yea…

4) Nikki’s Kitty Kingfisher Quilt (the Kingfisher Quilt as seen here)
5) Nikki’s Christmas themed Kingfisher Quilt
These are a combination of hand sewn hexie flowers which are then appliqued onto diamond shaped quilt blocks that are traditional pieced together… Let that sink in for a moment. LOL I had high hopes when this QAL started in May of 2018. They quickly made their way onto my long term projects list. For the Kitty one (named as such since the hexie flower centers are fussy cut cat fabric), my mini me has done all the fabric pairing for the hexie flowers which I then sew. After I have a batch of hexie flowers, I cut a bunch of diamonds for her to pair them with.

6) Crossroads Quilt (as seen here)
This quilt calls for thirty-one 8.5″ squares which I plan on fussy cutting from 31 different fabrics for my little girl. As I find fabrics that are as girly as she is and an 8″ square looks good, I cut it out and put it in the new pile. It’s harder than you think to find fabrics that look good in an 8″ fussy cut square. Color, luckily, isn’t an issue since it’s going to be all tied together with the sashing. I think I have 3 so far…

7) Inception Squared (as seen here)
Since I come across lots of cute fabrics that aren’t just right for the Crossroads Quilt above I decided that I needed a project that would work with smaller fussy cut squares and found this quilt. It requires sixty 3″ squares and twenty 5.5″ squares. With these I’m also going for all different squares.
Add up the different fabrics from this quilt and the previous and that’s 111 different fabrics that are girly and great for a fussy cut block which is why these are on my long term projects list.

8) Nikki’s Christmas Stocking
I think this one goes without saying – just sayin’. LOL

9) 2020 Crazy Quilt Challenge (as seen here)
So far I’ve made 3 blocks and those total 45 items of the needed 2,020. You can see all my blocks for this here.

10) Scandinavian Flowers BOM (as seen here)
I’m making this one for a Christmas present for a family member.

11) Tuxedo Cats BOM (as seen here)
This one will be for Nikki

12) Gnome Grown BOM (as seen here)
This one is all for me! 😉

13) Vintage Kitchenalia (as seen here)
Once again all for me. 😀

14) Hen Party BOM (as seen here)
Another for a Christmas gift for a family member.

15) Daybreak at The Barn (as seen here)
I’m making this one for our couch in fall colors.

16) Threadology (as seen here)
This one will be a Christmas present for someone who is very special to me.

17) 2019 Crazy Seasons Mystery QAL (as seen here)
I’m not normally one for mystery quilts, but I really love what I’ve read about this one and the sneak peek at bits of blocks here and there so I’m in. 🙂 This one will be a keeper for myself.

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