Sunday, December 08, 2019
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Painted Wood + Cup Hooks =

Our new necklace holders! 🙂
Ever since we made our spoon necklaces I was wondering where I was going to store mine.

When Nikki and I were at Walmart we seen these small wooden, mass produced decor on clearance for $0.75 each so we bought 1 for each of us to try.

First thing I did was give them 5 light misting coats of cheap $0.97 Walmart brand white spray paint. Due to the finish on them, I was afraid it would bubble or coat unevenly so I was just lightly misting them every 15ish minutes while we were outside for Nikki to play. After about 5 times they were covered enough for my liking. They weren’t completely white and you could still make out what was underneath if you looked but I knew they were going to be covered more and I didn’t think it would be seen through.

I’ve been really digging the night time scenes with trees and stars that have been on my IG feed lately and I knew that’s what I wanted to do. So I busted out the acrylics, laid down some cardboard (old cereal boxes) to attempt to keep the table free from as much paint as possible, and found my brushes. I don’t think I’ve painted much of anything since Nikki’s been born… 🙁

At first, I was kinda nervous not having done any painting in forever. But it was nice! I was happy to be painting again and when I was about half way done waiting for paint to dry (literally), I was sitting there trying to decide what else I could paint on. LOLOL

I just let Nikki go. While I was setting up, I told her to be thinking about what she wanted to paint. She decided on an alicorn (for those of you without a little girl – an alicorn is todays name for a unicorn with pegasus wings or a pegasus with a unicorn horn). She enjoyed the process almost as much as I did. However, I have had a request for me to make her one that’s just like mine so I’m thinking we’ll go see if there’s any more of those on clearance to repaint.
If I’m recalling correctly, she told me she ended up painting a unicorn witch. In case you can’t decode a 5 year olds painting, there’s also a mountain on the right, a tree on the left, the sun, and some banana shaped clouds. Why bananas? I have no clue she didn’t explain.

Once they were dry, I used a small drill bit and made a pilot hole for the cup hooks. Make sure you are putting them on the correct edge of your painting! *hint hint* LOLOL I also used a dab of super glue in each hole before screwing in the cup hooks. Another hint – make sure all your cup hooks have the opening towards the front of the painting / or the opening towards the top.

Hang it up on the wall, hang your necklaces on it, and you’re done!

Overall, I’ve very happy with the way they turned out and I’m really looking forward to bring out the paints more often.

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    1. Thank you Cheryll! I enjoyed it so much I bought a pack of canvases and 2 other cheap things to paint yesterday. LOL Thanks again. *hugs*

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