Tuesday, October 15, 2019
BOMs Everything Mini Mod 2019 To-Do Tuesday

To-Do Tuesday

Hi there! Welcome to my first to-do post of 2019.
Along with my first mini block.
Hmmm, I guess I better figure out a name for it. How about, Mini Mod 2019? Works for me. First I’m going to review this weeks to-do list then I’ll get on about Mini Mod 2019.

A review of last week? Not much at all. How about nothing but eating too much and too much screen time? Yea, that about sums it up. Hey, we did get the ornaments off the tree and packed up along with the strings of lights that were hung up INSIDE the house (and the miles of tape used to hold it all up).

My to do list for this week includes:

1) Finish up and take pics of the necklaces my girl and I are making for Thursday’s post.
2) I’m planning on joining Friday Night with Friends with Cheryll over at Stitching Cubby Hole and making an exploded, large block quilt top. Here’s to hoping I can sew it all up on Friday. Fingers crossed!
3) Sew up block 2 of Mini Mod 2019 for next Tuesday.
4) Make some salt dough ornaments with my girl for a mobile.
5) Sew up scrappy blocks 1 & 2 (more on this to come).
6) Sew up my project for the Black & White blog hop.
7) Cut out some hearts from various fabric and felt for another project I’m doing with my girl that involves her practicing her hand sewing later this month.
8) If I get a chance I would like to work on some of the various BOMs I’ve found that start today including: Vintage Kitchenalia; Tuxedo Cats; and Gnome Grown.
9) Plus, the 10th season of Project Quilting starts this coming Sunday!!!

Yea, that looks like enough for this week. Oh yea, I better not forget about homeschooling with all this sewing going on.

Joining in for the OMG Link Up, my 1 goal that I have for January is to make the quilt, in it’s entirety, that I mentioned above for #2. It’s an exploded, large block quilt using a fussy cut square of the Ghastlies as the center block. I’ll be putting up a step by step tutorial for it sometime this month so keep an eye out for that.

Now, about Mini Mod 2019.

I’ll be making a mini quilt with 48 – 3″ paper pieced quilt blocks. On most Tuesday’s in 2019 I’ll be sharing a block pattern for free. I say most Tuesday’s only because there’s only 48 blocks instead of 52 which gives me 4 weeks off here and there for holidays. These are common known blocks that I’ve not designed, but I have done the work to turn them into a paper pieced pattern. At first I was going to make these 2″ but then that would have put some of the pieces into the category of really small that most will not want to even attempt. So I’ve stuck with 3″ blocks and, for the most part, the smallest bits will be 1/2″.

I’m calling this a modern style sampler because I’m making the background of the blocks the same color as the sashing so there will be lots of “negative” space. If you’re following along, you’re welcome to do the same, make the entire thing scrappy, or do them however you want to. I purchased 1.5 yards of my block background / sashing / border fabric just to be on the safe side. If you want to do it minimal, you will need at least 2 colors other than the background. But you could use many, many more if you wanted to. Personally, I’ve picked the pink color that I’m using for my background, then I’m going to be using a bit of the green in each of the blocks and the remainder scrappy.

Once finished and assembled into a top, it’ll measure 23.5″ x 30.5″. Since many are not used to working with small pieces, I’m going to start with the easier blocks and work our way up to the harder ones.

So, here’s Mini Mod 2019 block 1:

If you want to join along, you can download the free pattern from Payhip here.

I’d love to hear if you plan on sewing along withe me! Let me know.
Now I’m off, but I’ll be back on Thursday with to share the necklaces my girl and I made.
Enjoy your week!

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