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BOMs Mini Mod 2019 To-Do Tuesday

To-Do Tuesday

Last week went better than expected! YAY!
However, there were some not-so-nice bits to the past 7 days…

I tore a ligament in my ankle which has resulted in lots of sitting on my butt time with a swollen, well, everything from the bottom of my calf down to my toes. Complete with the entire left side of my left foot a riot of blue, purple, and green.
Plus, the rains and warm weather we’ve had from the system that came up from the south has led to lots of allergy issues. Boooooo! Between the allergies and injury I’ve not been a very happy camper.

Anyhow… Let’s check on how my list compared to what I actually accomplished.

1) Finish up and take pics of the necklaces my girl and I are making for Thursday’s post. Done you can see them here

2) I’m planning on joining Friday Night with Friends with Cheryll over at Stitching Cubby Hole and making an exploded, large block quilt top. Here’s to hoping I can sew it all up on Friday. Fingers crossed! Done! Whoop whoop! You can see it here.

3) Sew up block 2 of Mini Mod 2019 for next Tuesday. Done You can see it at the bottom of this post.

4) Make some salt dough ornaments with my girl for a mobile. Cancelled – plans changed for this one

5) Sew up scrappy blocks 1 & 2 (more on this to come). Not yet.

6) Sew up my project for the Black & White blog hop. It’s partially done…

7) Cut out some hearts from various fabric and felt for another project I’m doing with my girl that involves her practicing her hand sewing later this month. Nope, not at all.

8) If I get a chance I would like to work on some of the various BOMs I’ve found that start today including: Vintage Kitchenalia; Tuxedo Cats; and Gnome Grown. Some.
The Tuxedo Cats has been assembled and I’ve started working on the embroidery part.

I’ve decided on the background fabric for the Vintage Kitchenalia, pulled fabric for the first block, and printed out the paper piecing pattern but haven’t yet started it.

Gnome Grown – well… I was going to piece tha backgrounds for this one and still might however I’ve had a time consuming failure with my blue I was thinking of using. I found a tonal green that I love and wanted to pair it with a tonal blue. However I don’t have any that I like for this project. So I had an idea. Using a spray bottle of bleach water I was going to give the blue fabric some white clouds… The first 2 times I tried spraying 1.5 yards of fabric nothing happened so I figured I’d water down the bleach too much. So, for the next try I used straight bleach. Still nothing. I thought I was going crazy. Is there no bleach out there anymore that’s NOT colorsafe?!? This bottle did not say that it was colorsafe which is why I bought it. I’m hoping to stop by the store today to try another kind…

9) Plus, the 10th season of Project Quilting starts this coming Sunday!!! I have an idea! The theme for Challenge 1 is Hope Springs Eternal and I do actually have an idea that came to me right away. I’m just hoping I can convey it into fabric by Saturday.

This weeks plans include:

1) Finish up quilted tablecloth.
I decided to join in with the Stash Buster Challenge 2019 hosted by My Girl Friends Quilt Shoppe on IG. They announced the block on the 4th and if you complete it by the 10th you get a coupon for 40% off an item in their store, if you complete it by the end of the month you get a coupon for 25% off an item. After seeing the block, I started playing around with it in EQ8. While I was doing so, Nikki asked me for a tablecloth for her tea party. So, the idea to make her a tablecloth specific for her table came to mind and dictated the look.

2) Finish Project Quilting challenge #1.
The hard part is done – I have my idea, my color scheme and how I’m going to quilt it all in my head. Wish me luck on getting it transformed into fabric by the deadline.

3) Finishing up my project for the Black & White blog hop. I’m excited for this. However, I’m very limited on when I can work on it since it will be a birthday present for my girl – you know, the one that is ALWAYS home with me; the one I homeschool; the one who never goes anywhere without her momma… Yea…

4) Take photos and write a post about our last project we did for Thursday.
This weeks project goes along with the necklaces we made last week.

5) Sew up blocks 3 & 4 of Mini Mod 2019 for next Tuesday.

6) Sew up scrappy blocks 1 & 2
I’ll be sharing block 1 along with more about this project this coming Sunday. 🙂

7) Making some felt flowers with my girl
We’re making these to use as Valentine’s decorations.

8) Cut out fabric and felt hearts for a project with my girl to help her practice her hand sewing.
She’s really getting into the holidays lately and these will be for Valentines.

9) Adding a border onto the Ghastlies Fidget Spinner and maybe start quilting it.
Fingers crossed, but I’m doubtful on this one for this coming week. We’ll see.

10) Sewing block 1 of my Bright Rays BOM (more on that to come)

11) Work on others various BOMs.
Such as finishing up Tuxedo Cats #1 & Vintage Kitchenalia #1, along with Gnome Grown #1.

Another week means another Mini Mod 2019 block.
Again, another easy one for those who are unfamilar with small piecing. Of course this block (and many of the others) can be sewn up using traditional piecing, but I presonally prefer to paper piece for the accuracy.

You can get this weeks free paper piecing pattern here on Payhip.

If you are new here, you can read more about Mini Mod 2019 at the bottom of this post.

Enjoy your week!

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    1. Aww, thank you Cheryll! Hubby says I’m too stubborn to heal quickly though, because I won’t stay off of it. LOL

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