Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Welcome 2019

I have to admit, I’m quite excited for the new year – I have lots of things already inked into my planner. Some of the upcoming things you’ll find here include:

I’ve signed up for 5 months with Jen’s 2019 Color Challenge Hop, plus I’m also making the entire quilt. However, I’m adding to this – I’m not just making 1 block a month – I’m making 2. The first will be a scrappy one and these will be made into a quilt for my little girl. The second block will not be scrappy and these will be made into individual items – think placemats, wall hangings, tote bags, things like that.

Carla has allowed me to sign up for her Black and White blog hop and I’m so excited! I’ve designed a paper piecing pattern for this that will be free for a week. However, it will not end up in a quilt. Hmmmmmm. Carla said we could use a splash of color. When I was with my little girl at the store the other day, I asked her what color would she like for the – HEY! I can’t tell you that! It’ll give it away. Anyhow, here’s the exact fabric that she picked out. Since it is stretchy, I will be ironing on interfacing before attempting to use it in my pattern.


Over at Just Let Me Quilt, Carol is hosting the Show Your Wings Blog Hop in Feburary and has also allowed me to join in the fun. My ideas are still spinning a bit and I’ve not yet pinned one down. However, knowing my little, the project will end up having something to do with either a butterfly or a fairy.

Aside from those, some things that I’m planning including posting on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

On Tuesdays, I’ll be including a mini block pattern. There will be a total of 48 of these and the finished quilt will be 23.5″ x 30.5″. I’ve purchased 1.5 yards for the background, sashing and border. The rest of mine will be scrappy.


Thursdays will be a post about something that my little and I have made together – it *may* include a tutorial or a round up of others who have made the same thing. These projects are also part of her homeschooling, falling under the life skills category. This first Thursday I’ll be sharing a necklace that we’re making.

Sundays will be all about sewing / quilting.
On top of the things I’ve been working on, once a month I’ll include a quick, large block quilt pattern. For the first one that will be shared on 1/6/19 I’m actually going to fussy cut the center square from some of my “precious” – Ghastlie’s fabric. I’m a sucker for novelty prints. However, most of the time they just end up sitting on my shelf awaiting for the “perfect” pattern. I’ve decided that if one of the novelty prints that I’ve been hoarding will look good for this or that, I’m going to go for it rather than talk myself out of it and buy something else.


Another Sunday a month I’ll include a BOM that I’m designing. The quilt will finish at 60″ square. The design work is all done in EQ8 – the quilt is done and the first 2 of 12 paper pieced blocks are done – I just have to finish tweaking the patterns for the remaining 10 blocks. This quilt is considered to be a modern quilt because it will have negative space and it has an alternative layout.

The remaining Sundays I’ll be including a scrappy block pattern. These 30 blocks will also have negative space and an alternative layout. I’m not sure if thise should be considered scrappy or improv or scrappy improv. LOL The blocks themselves will be paper pieced -but- on each block there will be multiple spaces for you to do some improv piecing. The remainder of the block I’ll be doing in a solid background color which will blend into the sashing. Once the top is assembled and quilted, it’ll be one of those quilts that people look at and try to figure out how it was assembled.


That’s a quick overview of things to come. Make sure you stop by this Tuesday for the first of the 2019 Monthly Color Challenge.

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    1. Thanks Carla! I’m a crafting bouncer – I bounce from one project to the other quite frequently. LOL This way I keep busy. Plus, I’m a SAHM so in my head I’m calling sewing my “job” and inking them into my planner so I actually get stuff done. 😉

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